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Why should you listen to me? If you are reading this there is a reason and it's perhaps time to try something different.  Have you have ever been to the gym and hired a personal trainer to improve your body or increase your ability physically? 


Why wouldn't you do the same for your mind? 


Having recently moved to the midlands from the bright lights of London, where I set up a successful recruitment company and was MD of a multi-million-pound organisation; I am now using my experiences to help others who are looking to gain an advantage in life. I have also had a great time consulting for the mental health charity MIND which has given me great opportunities to help organisations shape their mental health agenda's


The benefits of my coaching can start day one.  If you commit to the practices demonstrated over the course of our engagement, what you will learn and apply can start to have an immediate impact on your current circumstances, whatever they may be and whatever your desired outcome is.  More importantly, you will have fun and we will laugh all the way there!  I have mentored, trained, developed, and coached men and women of all ages so don't ever feel you are too young or too old to develop your mind! 


If you are ready to commit you will create a mindset that will set you apart from most.  You will create the mentality of a fighter; helping you to be confident, committed, disciplined, and ultimately bulletproof. Come to the end of your program, and you will see life differently - you will walk tall, be the master of your own destiny and be able to cope with the most difficult of circumstances whilst making huge leaps forwards towards new and exciting goals!


I genuinely look forward to hearing your story to help you achieve your dream.


With warm regards


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