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The full Fighting Mentality program 

This is a comprehensive program that will over time help you to change your way of thinking, build your self confidence and give you the ability to take decisive action in the pursuit of your goals all based on how I dug myself out from rock bottom. We can arrange a period of time that suits you and arrange the consistency of our meetings be it SKYPE or FACE TO FACE. We would start with an initial discussion so that I can understand your current situation and your desired outcome, we would then agree a framework to commence developing the new you. 

Career Coaching

Having spent many years helping individuals into their dream roles, I have a profound understanding of how to maximise your career and your earning potential. If you are struggling for direction in your role, are looking to get yourself onto the career ladder or simply need some guidance and feel a little lost, my experience over the years in managing, training and developing others have allowed me insight into how to take positive action in these challenging circumstances. 

Confidence Coaching

This may sound a strange concept but everything positive that can happen comes from a place of ultimate self confidence and belief, from engaging relationships with the opposite and even the sames sex to how people perceive you at the work place, in the pub, in the gym. Confidence and self belief is the key to success, allow me to help you develop your confidence and ultimately help you become the hero of your own story. 

Sales Coaching

Given that I have over 10 successful years in sales behind me both selling myself and coaching sales professionals I am able to offer you a training and development platform to increase your performance if you are in a sales role. I have sold to some great clients over the years in an extremely saturated recruitment market, the most recognisable logo that i acquired was Airbus. All from a cold call, so allow me to show you perhaps some new methods of sales you perhaps haven't yet tested., 

Public Speaking

Feel free to enquire if you wish for me to come and share my story and inspire your sports team, charity event or even if you wish for me to host an evening of public speaking about mental health. The more people I can help and inspire the better!

Corporate Speaking

Having personally been through the experience of a mental health breakdown in the workplace, i can speak to you and your team through experience and help your organisation understand the impact of not protecting your mental health whilst also helping you to make the life adjustments and the adjustments in the workplace to protect the well-being of your staff.

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