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Transform your life and your career

Sam C, 25 years old:

"Will is someone I turn to on a regular basis when life’s challenges present. Be it work, home, friends or anything in-between I always find myself turning to Will for advice. He has a deep level of empathy for others and truly cares, this along with a high level of psychology and a high level of emotional intelligence in order to really understand what I was going through and the approach he needed to take to help. Rather than providing a ‘correct answer’ he has helped me time and time again find the answer in myself through a careful line of open-ended rational questioning that lead to me understanding myself and the situation like never before.


In the past year he has helped me get a hold of my Debts, rationalise my relationships with previous partners and friends, Excel in my career and find a sense of inner peace and balance whilst working 55+ hours a week in famously one of the most stressful industries in London."

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The Fight Mentality is a life coaching platform geared towards transforming your life in both a personal and professional capacity.



The Fight Mentality will help you if you are struggling with life and all of its challenges. Nothing will hit you harder than life and nothing will test you to your limits more than your own limiting thought process. If you are struggling with debt, depression, anxiety, motivation, a flat career, a flat relationship anything at all then please consider how having a successful fighters mentality can and will help you. 


It will help you develop a successful and highly conscious mindset that has evolved over years of achievement in martial arts, a highly profitable career in sales and effective relationships.


The concepts developed have been adapted to achieve success in all areas of your life; professionally and personally.


Ealing, West London 


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